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The 2021 Glass Ceiling Report – Law360

The 2021 Glass Ceiling Report – Law360 [Subscription required] “Law Firms Say They Support Women, But Are Nowhere Near Closing The Gender Gap The legal profession is still overwhelmingly male, with policies skewed in their favor…Law firms are facing renewed calls to step up their efforts on equity and inclusion. But when it comes to closing the gender gap, law firms still have a long way to go, our annual survey shows. Law360’s Glass Ceiling Report shows only incremental growth in the number of female lawyers in private practice in the U.S. Women are still underrepresented at U.S. law firms, particularly in the partnership ranks. The COVID-19 pandemic also put new pressures on many women balancing work and family obligations, creating tensions that will likely continue through 2021 and beyond. Law360’s latest Glass Ceiling Report provides a data-driven view of female attorney representation at law firms in the U.S. at the end of 2020, a year when law firms began facing new pressures to promote equity at all levels. Firms are stepping up and repledging themselves to the work of closing the gender gap, joining gender equity campaigns, launching new initiatives designed to support the careers of female attorneys, coming up with new work models, and finding ways to provide additional workplace support in the face of unprecedented challenges. For most women though, the outlook still remains uncertain. The industry has so far failed to show anything but modest progress, despite years of promises to improve the prospects of women in the profession. And at the partnership levels, the ranks remain overwhelmingly male…”

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