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The 89 Best Book Covers of 2020

LitHub –  Emily Temple: “…So for the fifth year in a row, I surveyed a group of professional book cover designers (this year it was 29 of them) about their favorite covers of the year. They came back with an astounding 89 different book covers that impressed, delighted, and inspired them, representing work by 54 designers for 44 different publishers. I have tallied their choices, including what they had to say about each cover, below, listing the covers in no particular order. I also tallied the stats for you, and a few notes about that process: Only one “set” of books was mentioned, by two different designers: David Pearson’s Albert Camus reissues. To avoid weighting the results, I counted the three as a single book whenever it mattered. When counting publishers and imprints, I did my best to stick to how they defined themselves on the books at hand (so for instance, FSG, FSG Originals, MCD, and MCD x FSG were all counted separately, though they have obvious ties)…”

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