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The Agenda for Generational Equity: The Framework

The Agenda for Generational Equity is a conversation starter. We cannot afford to have young Americans —“Millennials”— on the sidelines for critical debates about our nation’s future. Though no exact definition exists, we, the Millennials, are the generation of young Americans born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. We are the generation that came of age with September 11 and were sobered by the Great Recession. By virtue of being young, we have the largest stake in the long-term prospects of this nation. Should we succeed in becoming more fiscally responsible, widening the gateways to economic opportunity, investing in the future, and strengthening the civic capacity of the United States, Millennials will experience the 21st century as another American century. Should we fail, Millennials will be the first generation to experience American decline.” Common Sense Action | August 1, 2013

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