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The Amazing Disappearing Election

The Atlantic – Donald Trump and the coronavirus are all-consuming topics. What will happen to the rest of the world’s issues?News diversity has fallen since 2016’s presidential election, and it’s fallen further in 2020, as stories about the pandemic have taken over the news globally. Fourteen Media Cloud topics—two of them explicitly focused on public health and disease—are all that’s needed to represent 50 percent of the stories published in 2020 thus far. The year isn’t over yet, and topical diversity may increase, but right now, 2020 looks to have a more compressed media agenda than we’ve seen in the past four years of Trump compression. This makes sense: The coronavirus is the only story that’s been able to claim more media attention than Trump himself, and the focus on the pandemic is pushing out any number of other stories that might have garnered attention in a less fraught moment...”

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