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The Australian Public Service Big Data Strategy

The Australian Public Service Big Data Strategy – Improved understanding through enhanced data-analytics capability, August 2013.
“Government policy development and service delivery will benefit from the effective and judicious use of big data analytics. Big data analytics can be used to streamline service delivery, create opportunities for innovation, and identify new service and policy approaches as well as supporting the effective delivery of existing programs across a broad range of government operations- from the maintenance of our national infrastructure, through the enhanced delivery of health services, to reduced response times for emergency personnel. The Big Data Strategy is intended for Australian Government agency senior
executives with responsibility for delivering services and developing policy. It outlines future work by the Government that will assist agencies to make better use of their data assets whilst ensuring that the Government continues to protect the privacy rights of individuals…Big data and the accompanying tools and techniques that help to analyse and make sense of it, clearly pres ent opportunities and challenges to government agencies. Indeed, big data, as an emerging concept, intersects with many data management issues that pre-date this concept. Big data again raises the issues of the value of data held by Commonwealth agencies and the responsibility to realise this value to benefit the Australian public, as well as the need to negotiate the privacy risks of linking, sharing and providing broader access to data.”

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