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The Best Cities in the World: 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards

Conde Nast Traveler – “There’s a striking amount of diversity among the global superpower cities, which are filled with everything from centuries-old palaces to neon-lit skylines and staggering skyscrapers. For our 32nd annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey—yes, readers have been voting for more than three decades—a record 600,000 registered voters weighed in. The impressive number of 2019 results were especially exciting for us: We’re always curious about where in the world you go, what you loved, and who you went with. As you continue to travel, we continue to listen: Here are the international cities you loved most this year…” [Note – disregard the error in the URL which is directly from the publisher – oops – this is 2019 not 2014!]

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