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The best way to compost your food scraps

Edgadget- Or, why I pay someone else to do it for me. “The EPA estimates each person in the US sends 200 pounds of food to the landfill each year where it disgorges methane and contributes to climate change. Composted, those scraps turn into soil-feeding, carbon-capturing humus instead. If that sounds like the better option, you have a couple choices: compost at home, with or without a machine to help you out, or let someone else do the work. The DIY route requires a bit of science and a lot of labor, which I learned first-hand out of necessity living off-grid for five years. Adding a kitchen composting machine to the mix can help take some of the work (and odor) out of the process. But my preference, now that I’ve headed back to civilization, is to have someone else do the composting. That’s easy if you live where there’s a municipal curbside composting program. I don’t, so I pay for a local composting service to come pick up my family’s scraps twice a month.”

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