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The biennial Acquisition Policy Survey

The Balancing Act: Acquisition in an Unabated Crisis December 2012

  • “Since 2002, the Professional Services Council (PSC) and Grant Thornton LLP have conducted a biennial survey of federal government acquisition leaders in an effort to gain insight into the world in which they work—the challenges, the opportunities, the concerns and the bright spots. The survey’s purpose is to provide government policymakers and industry executives with perspectives on the state of federal acquisition policy..In every edition of the Acquisition Policy Survey, the respondents have identified workforce resources, capabilities and training and development as top concerns. While some progress has been made, nothing in any edition of the survey suggests that it has been significant enough to substantially ameliorate these concerns. Given the centrality of the acquisition workforce to the execution of the government’s missions, solving these challenges should be a high priority for appointed and elected officials. However, indications are that the situation could deteriorate. As this report will highlight, a number of respondents acknowledged that while some progress has been made in building up the number of federal acquisition personnel, they are also deeply concerned that those recent gains will be negatively affected, or even partially reversed, as a result of budget austerity.”
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