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The Busy Worker’s Handbook to the Apocalypse

Sam Hall: Revised 11 Jul 2023. This document is also available as a PDF here. Update: Michael Dowd was kind enough to narrate an audio recording of this article.
Abstract – Climate change will cause agricultural failure and subsequent collapse of hyperfragile modern civilization, likely within 10–15 years. By 2050 total human population will likely be under 2 billion. Humans, along with most other animals, will go extinct before the end of this century. These impacts are locked in and cannot be averted. Everything in this article is supporting information for this conclusion. Target audience is the educated but busy / swamped American worker who reads the occasional article on climate change and concludes that everything must be under control or else there would be urgent alarms going off right? That was basically me until a couple years ago when a period of unemployment gave me the opportunity to dive into the science and start evaluating the conclusions for myself. I do not expect anyone to read this entire article from start to finish. My hope is that it can serve as a decision making aid for answering some of the critical questions that we face when trying to make major life decisions and deciding how best to prepare for the future. It is organized like a reference book to make it easy to find a relevant section when a situation arises and you need specific information…”

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