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The covid-19 recession is the most unequal in modern U.S. history

Washington Post article and charts – “Job losses from the pandemic overwhelmingly affected low-wage, minority workers most. Seven months into the recovery, Black women, Black men and mothers of school-age children are taking the longest time to regain their employment.”

In the wake of widespread closings of schools and day-care centers, mothers are struggling to return to the workforce. Mothers of children ages 6 to 17 saw employment fall by about a third more than fathers of children the same age, and mothers are returning to work at a much slower rate. This disparity threatens years of progress for women in the labor force…”

See also Bloomberg CityLab – Mapping the Disparities That Bred an Unequal Pandemic – “Draw a map of Chicago and shade the areas with more poverty, pollution and coronavirus. It will start to look like being Black is a pre-existing condition…Just as the coronavirus has an accomplice in health conditions like diabetes and asthma, it is also aided and abetted by the stark inequality that makes such conditions possible. A century of racist housing practices — from redlining to contract buying to the grossly unequal lending that persists today — have denied Black Chicagoans generations of wealth. The series of maps below shows the results. Black neighborhoods see more poverty, air pollution, extreme heat and flood damage, and less access to health care and food — all factors that make residents more vulnerable to the coronavirus. The maps are of Chicago, but they reflect the reality of numerous other American cities where coronavirus has devastated communities of color…”

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