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The Divide Deepens Over Domestic Surveillance Program

Several new articles worth highlighting in reference to the domestic surveillance program that has raised vociferous responses from the President, members of Congress, the polls, bloggers, and a range of other sources.

  • Time Magazine, Bush Says, Bring It On; the Critics Will: “…the White House decided its strategy would be to “overwhelm the skeptics, not back off, not change anything about the program and really home in very strongly on the fact that this is a legitimate part of presidential warmaking power…”
  • AP: Bush Calls Domestic Spy Program ‘Limited’: “…The NSA program is one that listens to a few numbers..”
  • Time Magazine, Has Bush Gone Too Far? The President’s secret directive to let the NSA snoop without warrants sets off a furor
  • CNN Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer, January 1, 2005
    BLITZER: So you want hearings? You want hearings?
    [Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar of Indiana] LUGAR: I do. I think this is an appropriate time, without going back and should the president have ever tried to listen to a call coming from Afghanistan, probably of course. And in the first few weeks we made many concessions in the Congress because we were at war and we were under attack. We still have the possibility of that going on so we don’t want to obviate all of this, but I think we want to see what in the course of time really works best and the FISA Act has worked pretty well from the time of President Carter’s day to the current time.

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