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The EPA Food Recovery Initiative and the WasteWise Program

EPA WasteWise Program – Food Recovery Challenge – “Why Food Waste Reduction and Recovery?: In 2010, just under 35 million tons of food waste was generated. Of that, almost 34 million tons (97%) was thrown away into landfills or incinerators. When excess food, leftover food, and food scraps are disposed of in a landfill, they decompose and become a significant source of methane — an extremely potent greenhouse gas. Much of this “waste” is not waste at all, but actually safe, wholesome food that could potentially feed millions of Americans. In 2010, over 14% of households in the U.S. were food insecure. Excess food, leftovers and scraps that are not fit for consumption and donation can be used to feed the soil by recycling (composting) food waste into a nutrient rich soil amendment.”

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