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The Equifax settlement has already spawned deceptive websites

Follow up to my previous postings via BeSpacificSkip Cash for Equifax Breach and Get Credit Monitoring, F.T.C. Tells Victims – more guidance via the Washington Post – “It’s been less than two weeks since the Equifax data-breach settlement was announced, and already at least two websites trying to scam information-seekers have been shut down. Thus begins the effort to catch unscrupulous individuals looking to make a buck off the credit bureau’s major data breach. Let me say this now, because I have no doubt there will be many email phishing attempts, telephone calls and probably gift-card scams trying to capitalize on Equifax’s $700 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission: If anyone calls or emails you about the settlement, do nothing — and I mean not a single thing — until you verify the information with the Federal Trade Commission or your state or local consumer-protection office.

…Please, for your safety, if you’re searching for information connected to the settlement, go to . There you’ll find details about the settlement, and you’ll be sent to the real website to file a claim. I also want to warn you that you may get phishing emails or scam telephone calls pretending to be from the administrator handling the Equifax settlement…”

See also via Fortune – Equifax Data Breach Victims Drained Its $31 Million Settlement Fund in a Week

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