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The FBI will feed compromised passwords to Have I Been Pwned

Engadget: “Have I Been Pwned, the website that gives you a way to check which of your login details have been compromised by data breaches, is working with the FBI to grow its database. The partnership will give the website access to fresh passwords as they become compromised, depending on what the feds are investigating at the moment. Troy Hunt, the website’s creator, has announced the partnership, explaining that the FBI reached out to ask if there’s a way to provide the agency with an “avenue to feed compromised passwords into HIBP and surface them via the Pwned Passwords feature.” As Hunt explained, the FBI is involved into all sorts of investigations into digital crimes, such as botnets, ransomware, online child sexual exploitation and terrorism. The compromised passwords they find are often being used by crime rings, so the passwords’ quick addition to the HIBP database would be extremely helpful. That said, the website doesn’t have a way for the feds to quickly feed passwords into its database yet…”

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