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The impact of President Trump’s energy dominance agenda

The Wilderness Society Action Fund – Four years later: Our public lands and waters under Trump — in 7 maps – “As President Trump’s term comes to an end, his energy dominance agenda has already left deep scars on our wildest places and on the health and well-being of communities across the nation. We’re taking a closer look at these impacts through seven maps. We hope this information is helpful in educating the public about public lands issues and encourages individuals to contact the Trump administration to express support for public lands. Over the last four years, the federal government has offered an area of over 108 million acres of public lands and waters for oil and gas leasing—an area larger than the entire state of California. On land, over 24 million acres have already been put up for sale and 50 million acres are being made available for oil and gas leasing through draft and finalized resource management plans overseen by federal land agencies. These plans provide blueprints for which lands can be developed by energy companies, locking in the decision to prioritize energy development over conservation or recreation for decades. The numbers show an administration that is willing to give up our most treasured natural resources, regardless of need or demand. Since 2017, the energy industry has purchased approximately 11 million acres of the oil and gas leases that have been made available onshore and offshore. By placing such a large emphasis on leasing, President Trump’s administration has changed the fate of many lands that are far better suited for recreation and conservation. Throughout his term, the president has stripped protections from wild places that provide critical habitat for many plants and animals, clean water and offer fantastic opportunities for recreation and exploration…”

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