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The Increasingly Essential Role Of The Law Librarian

Above the Law – Robert Ambrogi – Robots are not coming for law librarians’ jobs. “…Already, law librarians’ evolving roles require them to wear a variety of hats. Increasingly, one of those is legal technologist. These days, one can hardly be an information professional without also becoming a technology professional because the two disciplines overlap in almost every way. For that reason, law librarians have begun to fill the role of technology  gatekeeper within their firms and organizations. I hear this repeatedly from the vendors who sell to firms. Law librarians get it. They understand the importance of technology in advancing the legal profession, and they are more likely than other legal professionals to understand the mechanics of technology, to be able to get under the hood and size up whether a product is what it claims to be. We see this at law firms, where law librarians are often the screeners for new technology, helping to vet and evaluate products before their firms plunk down precious dollars. We see this at law schools, where law librarians are often at the forefront of pushing for teaching and program initiatives in technology innovation and competence. We see this in court systems and government agencies, where law librarians are often helping to lead the charge for expanding access to justice…”

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