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The IUROPA CJEU Database

EU court cases – via Jeremy Singer Vine / Data is Plual: The IUROPA Project’s CJEU Database “is the most complete collection of research-ready data about the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and European Union (EU) law.” Developed from several official sources by Stein Arne Brekke et al., the database provides tables of all cases (45,000+), parties (85,000+), proceedings (47,000+), decisions (50,000+), citations (1,000,000+), judges (270+), and more from the court’s inception in 1952 through 2022. That first table, for instance, lists each case’s name, ID, sub-court, year, judgment status, appeal status, and additional details. [h/t Erik Gahner Larsen]

“The IUROPA Project (ius + Europa) is a multidisciplinary platform for research on judicial politics in the European Union (EU). The project brings together a network of scholars with a background in law and political science. The IUROPA Project studies the conditions for judicial independence and rule of law against the backdrop of ongoing developments with regards to the judicialization of politics (courts making decisions with political implications) and politicization of courts (efforts from political actors to influence courts). A key feature of The IUROPA Project is the development of a comprehensive database with detailed information on cases and actors of the Court of Justice of the European Union: the IUROPA CJEU Database. The database includes information on the outcomes, processes and actors involved in the decision-making of the CJEU, compiled into a research-friendly format. The information has been collected from public sources and prepared and analyzed by means of automatic and manual coding. To learn more about The IUROPA Project and the IUROPA CJEU Database, you can read the article that introduces the IUROPA CJEU Database Platform by Stein Arne Brekke, Joshua C. Fjelstul, Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen, and Daniel Naurin. The article is forthcoming at the Journal of Law and Courts.”

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