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The Law Student’s Guide to Doing Well and Being Well

George, Shailini, The Law Student’s Guide to Doing Well and Being Well (May 2021). Carolina Academic Press, Forthcoming May 2021, Available at SSRN: – “The ABA and most state bar associations have identified a wellness crisis in the legal profession, and called for educating students on how to better cope with the challenges of law school and practice. At the same time, students must learn how to maximize their brain health so that they perform well in law school and on behalf of their clients in practice. The same way musicians would tune their instruments, or chefs would sharpen their knives, law students must sharpen their minds. This book aims to help students “do well” in their ability to learn, and “be well” in the process, by exploring the deep connection between brain health and wellness. Specifically, the book discusses:

How to cultivate the ability to deeply focus and deal with the challenges of the 24/7 digital age;
How stress affects both brain and body;
How increasing resilience helps deal with challenges and setbacks;
Why we need exercise for mental, physical, and brain health;
Why adequate sleep is important and how it can be improved; and
How what we eat affects the brain and one’s physical performance.

Written in a witty, informative, and easy-to-read style, the book is full of suggestions to help students establish healthy and productive habits which will benefit both brain and body. Each chapter ends with a self-reflection exercise to help students take the material and consciously begin implementing its suggestions. This book could be used in orientation programs, academic support and wellness programming, professional development, mindfulness, and other “preparing for practice” courses.”

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