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The LeBron James Interview About Bicycles [paywall – try this link via Twitter – please read – it is timely, meaningful and good] – The LeBron James Interview About Bicycles – “LeBron James is arguably the world’s greatest basketball player. He’s also a serious cyclist, and he’s giving every student at his new school a bicycle in part because it changed his own life when he was a kid. In an interview with Jason Gay, the NBA superstar holds court about bikes. Note per the author – “I spoke to LeBron James about bicycles on Friday. This was a few hours before President Trump decided to go onto Twitterto challenge James’s intellect, which was more than a little absurd. James is not a Trump fan—to say the least—but this was a week in which the NBA superstar helped open a brand-new public school for at-risk children in his Akron, Ohio, hometown, pledging a University of Akron scholarship to every student who graduates…

“Me and my friends, when we got on our bikes, we would just ride,” he recalled. “Sometimes we would even get lost, because we’d be gone for so long. But there was a sense of joy and comfort. There was nothing that really could stop us. We felt like we were on top of the world.” “It was a way of life. If you had a bike, it was a way to kind of let go and be free.”

[Appeared in the August 6, 2018, print edition as ‘What Bikes Mean to LeBron James.’]

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