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The Longform Guide to the Supreme Court “Stories about the cases that wind through the Old Supreme Court Chamber and the justices who have shaped its legacy.”

  • To Have and to Hold – Sex, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court.New Yorker
  • The Case of Sacco And Vanzetti – Analysis of the trial from future Supreme Court justice.The Atlantic
  • “An Odd, Almost Senseless Series of Events”Every law student knows John Brady’s name. But few know the story of the bumbling murder that ended in a landmark legal ruling.  The Marshall Project
  • In Conversation: Antonin Scalia – The Supreme Court justice on gay rights, the problem with consensus, and the Devil. New York 
  • On the Death Sentence – In 1976, newly appointed Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens voted to reinstate capital punishment in the United States. Thirty years later, he argued that it’s unconstitutional. Here, he explains why he changed his mind.
  • Money Unlimited – How Chief Justice John Roberts pulled off Citizens United. New Yorker
  • Little Scalia – How Neil Gorsuch became the second-most-polarizing man in Washington. New York
  • The Thomases vs. Obama’s Health-Care Plan – On the combined force of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Virginia, a Tea Party stalwart. New Yorker
  • The Hustler – No one argues before the Supreme Court more than Tommy Goldstein. The New Republic Apr 2006

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