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The Memory of Mankind Project

Memory of Mankind – the greatest timecapsule ever. We witness a rapid change, within a short time technologies of everyday life altered and with them our lifestyle. In worldwide communication we share our thoughts and ideas, we share our love and sorrows in realtime… The swift and continuous development however has a side effect: the fast fugacity. After a disturbingly short period no remembrances will exist of how we lived today. That’s why we send a time capsule into the future – not into deep space, but here on our home-planet, to tell our own story. MOM is the keyhole, future generations, cultures or zivilisations will look through to see a picture of our time depicting what moves us today, what fascinates and motivates us. You can join to draw this picture…

“We live in an age which produces a lot of information, but the carriers of this information have an ever shorter life span. In a few centuries, perhaps even sooner, no one will be able to remember us. MOM – Memory of Mankind is the largest time capsule of mankind, preserving a picture of our time for future generations.  MOM will provide a testimony to our lives and to the time in which we live. Ceramic tablets with texts and images are stored in a salt mine in Hallstatt, Austria. To enable MOM records to be found again, ceramic tokens are distributed around the world which show a symbolic representation of the location. Everyone who participates in MOM receives this token. MOM is financed by crowdfunding: Every single individual MOM participation helps to create MOM tablets with scientific contents…”

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