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The modern workplace: Will remote tech workers tolerate being monitored?

ZDNet – “The same technologies that enable people to work from home can be used to watch them work. A survey finds widespread use of monitoring software and not everyone is told it is there…For work at home advocates the future looks rosy. With the current jobs boom it looks certain that they’ll get what they want – either at their current employer — or somewhere else.  But will workers agree to allow their employer to monitor their home office activities? Is it something that can be refused or not? How is the home different from the office where people can be seen to be working at their desks, engaged in meetings, and logging into their IT systems?  Do remote workers have a right to refuse to be monitored? released a survey late last year that found widespread use of remote worker monitoring software especially in IT (77%) and advertising (83%).  One in seven workers hadn’t been told about it. Working from home might not be such a wonderful thing when you consider that people worked harder – a 10% boost in productivity was reported in the survey after the software was installed…”

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