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The New

News release: “Now, we at NPR well know that our listeners and readers are different than other news “consumers.” NPR people are loyal. You count on the consistency, quality and integrity of our news and programming every day and we appreciate that. So we didn’t change lightly. We’ve listened to your suggestions – and a few complaints. And we’ve taken the first step to build a new that is more, well, NPR-ish. We want to be your source for NPR news, analysis, arts & life stories and music that is always fresh and up-to-date, a source of unexpected delight and most important, a site that always upholds NPR’s highest standards.”
On the new site, you should find it easier to combine listening and reading, to follow breaking news, to comment on our work and share it, and easier to find programming from your NPR station. Later this summer, we also plan to enhance our support for a variety of popular mobile platforms. Our goal is to make sure that anyone with a mobile device can enjoy NPR and our stations. We want NPR to be always on for you.”

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