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The Official Apple Rankings

Brian Frange is a comedian and writer who has been yelling about apples for years. He started yelling about apples professionally in 2016 while working on Comedy Central’s Not Safe with Nikki Glaser while serving as co-host on the Not Safe Podcast. Shortly after that he started the Tumblr apple review blog The Appleist and it became popular, I guess. Since then he’s yelled about apples on stages across America and radio shows across the world. What started as a bit revolving around his love of apples has now become a full-time job where Brian makes $700,000,000,000 per week providing apple advice for wealthy fruit enthusiasts.  Brian is not in the pocket of big apple and all reviews are inarguably accurate and not corrupted by corporate influence.  He also makes cartoons. Please visit his website:

Note – All Kidding Aside: The Envy Apple is terrific – give it a try! Another suggestion – Buy several of each type of apple you like, and make applesauce – core and chop up the apples, add to a covered pot on a low flame – add cinnamon and raisins and slow cook.

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