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The passing of a innovative, spirited and ever so talented leader – Peter Scott

Back in the day, I was immeasurably fortunate to cross and establish pre-Web paths with two experts in the art, science, knowledge and musicality of what the Internet could become – Peter Scott and Darlene Fichter. Fast forward a couple of decades to the new e-Web, I read on FB, with much sorrow, that Peter had passed away on December 20, 2013, in peace, at the all too young age of 66.

Best to let him speak for himself really – his bio – via his blog

Peter Scott
I was born February 14, 1947, in Walthamstow and moved to Canada in 1976I was the Internet Projects Manager in the University of Saskatchewan Library in Saskatoon

I am the creator of HYTELNET (1991), the first electronic browser for Internet resources

I am also a blues singer and harmonica player, and had the distinction of winning a Juno Award for having my song “TV Preacher” on the album“Saturday Night Blues” which won “Best Roots and Traditional Music Album” in 1992. Listen to the song, as recorded by Big Dave McLean. This song was also recorded by Vaan Shaw, for his album “Morning Rain” (Wolf 1992).

I have written articles, book reviews, and chapters for Internet-related books and magazines. I was appointed to the 1995 editorial board of “Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy”.
More to follow when I have time…

Chapel End High School 1963
The Bell Pub in Walthamstow. My band played there regularly from 1964-66.
Here is Newbattle Abbey College. I studied there in 1971/72. Here’s thePROOF1 and PROOF2……
I also studied at the Working Men’s College in Mornington Crescent, London, in the late 1960’s
Also, check my entry at Friendsreunited in the UK

My favourite soccer team, Fulham. I’ve been a fan since 1959. My favourite writer: Harold Pinter.

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