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The Power Of The Wikimedia Movement Beyond Wikimedia

Forbes: “In January 2017, we the constituents of Wikimedia, started an ambitious discussion about our collective future. We reflected on our past sixteen years together and imagined the impact we could have in the world in the next decades. Our aim was to identify a common strategic direction that would unite and inspire people across our movement on our way to 2030, and help us make decisions.”  “[This] is part of the preamble to Wikimedia 2030, a recently-released strategy process facilitated by the Wikimedia Foundation addressing the Wikimedia movement’s next stage. The movement refers to the more than one hundred Wikimedia affiliates worldwide as well as hundreds of thousands of volunteers and contributors. The Foundation, which supports the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, as well as wiki images and other Wikimedia sites, has been reaching out throughout 2017, in a series of meet ups, conferences, discussions. The document sets out a vision of expanding Wikimedia, and its ecosystem of free knowledge and participation; a vision of far wider participation in areas such as Africa, South America and Central America and among various populations. To review the document, though, is also to see how much the Wikimedia movement has to offer the reshaping of other economic and political institutions beyond Wikimedia…”

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