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The real impact of using artificial intelligence in legal research

Via LawSites: “A study released this week pitted two legal research platforms against each other, Casetext CARA and Lexis Advance from LexisNexis, and concluded that attorneys using Casetext CARA finished their research significantly more quickly and found more releva cases than those who used Lexis Advance. The study, The Real Impact of Using Artificial Intelligence in Legal Research, was commissioned by Casetext, which contracted with the National Legal Research Group to provide 20 experienced research attorneys to conduct three research exercises and report on their results. Casetext designed the methodology for the study in consultation with NLRG and it wrote the report of the survey results. This proves, says Casetext, the efficacy of its approach to research, which — as I explained in this post last May — lets a researcher upload a pleading or legal document and then delivers results tailored to the facts and legal issues derived from the document…But the LexisNexis vice president in charge of Lexis Advance, Jeff Pfeifer, took issue with the study, saying that he has significant concerns with the methodology and sponsored nature of the project…”

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