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The Real Reason You’re Having a Hard Time Getting Things Done at the Office – Not!

Working from home altered our brains. We need more office time to fix them. Adding this article today via WSJ ($) in following with numerous similar articles all striking the same chord – workers get back to the office or else – with a yet another twist:

“Some workers have lost the muscle memory in their minds required to get jobs done in an open-office setting and, like flabby biceps, that muscle has to be exercised to strengthen, says S. Thomas Carmichael, professor and chair of the neurology department at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. After years of remote work, our brains’ selective attention skills and ability to block out distractions is weakened, Carmichael says. Those who prefer to work from home might not like one of his remedies: Make yourself work from the office more often…”

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