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The return to the office could be the real reason for the slump in productivity

Fortune – Here’s the data to prove it: “The return to office looks like it’s going backward. After office occupancy rose to over 50.4% in late January, it dropped to 45.6% by early February before recovering slightly to 48.6%. That’s despite many business leaders trying to get their employees back to the office in an effort to prevent “quiet quitting.” The term “quiet quitting” emerged in early 2022, and refers to doing the bare minimal tasks of your job description well enough that you don’t get fired. The concept quickly went viral on TikTok. Yet it only started to gain traction as an issue of concern among business leaders when government data on productivity released in August 2022 showed a sharp and unexpected drop in the first and second quarters of 2022. The following month, Gallup released a survey indicating that as many as half of all Americans may be quiet quitters, further exacerbating business leaders’ concerns about this problem…”

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