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The Role of Professors in Improving Financial Literacy

Eades, Kenneth M., Fox, Jonathan, Keown, Arthur J. and Staten, Michael, The Role of Professors in Improving Financial Literacy: Roundtable Session Highlights from the 2012 FMA Annual Meeting (July 26, 2013).

“This roundtable session was organized to answer the question:“What can I do as a finance professor to increase the personal financial capability of my students and others in my community?” The panelist for this roundtable were chosen as “best in class” examples of professors who have developed programs and curricula on their campuses that promote financial literacy by lifting the level of an individual’s financial acumen and decision making ability. Each panelist presents a unique and compelling model for enhancing the financial wellbeing of students on their campus. The success of these programs highlights the level of demand at universities for personal finance education, financial counseling, and financial wellbeing support on our campuses.”

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