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The state of data scientists: Overwhelmed and underfunded

TechRepublic: “Data science initiatives need a strategic makeover to break down silos, support long-term thinking and improve daily operations, according to a new survey. Three hundred data executives in the U.S. identified a wide range of problems in Domino Data Lab’s report, “Data Science Needs to Grow Up: The 2021 Domino Data Lab Maturity Index. A majority of respondents (82%) were concerned about the impact of both of these issues:

  • A major revenue loss or a hit to brand reputation stemming from bad or failing models.
  • A trend toward splashy investments that have short-term payoffs

The survey identified people problems as well, including 44% of survey respondents reporting that they have not hired enough, and about the same amount said they are too siloed off to be effective and have not been given clear roles…”

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