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The True Costs of Misinformation: Producing Moral and Technical Order in a Time of Pandemonium

YouTube – Video via The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, December 3, 2020 – “It all feels like a precursor to a bad joke: What do foreign agents, white supremacists, conspiracists, snake oil salesmen, political operatives, white academics, and a disgruntled bunch of zoomers have in common? The groups have collided in a centrifuge of chaos online, where the tactics they use to hide their identities and manipulate audiences are more prevalent than ever. Social media companies are trying to patch the holes in a failing sociotechnical systems, where the problems their products have created are now shouldered by journalists, universities, and health professionals, just to name a few. What can be done to restore moral and technical order in a time of pandemonium? Joan Donovan answers these questions and more during a presentation and Q&A.”

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