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The ultimate AI skill has nothing to do with tech

Fast Company: “By learning English, individuals not only enhance their ability to communicate with AI systems but also gain insight into the language that shapes AI cognition. We’re living in an AI-powered world. The way we are communicating with technology and each other is changing. A recent study found that 40% of respondents were studying English to mitigate the impact of AI and technology on their jobs. English proficiency is emerging as a top asset in today’s business landscape. It is spoken by almost one in every five people on Earth and has solidified its position as the de facto global language.   However, it’s not just the language of business; English is also the internet’s primary tongue. That’s why it’s the learning ground for AI, and its main mode of communication, with AI developers typically training their models on English-language data. This makes it the most crucial “programming language” in AI, overtaking computer languages such as Python. With AI changing the nature of work and our daily lives, how can we utilize English to help us navigate the shifting tides?..”

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