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There’s a Trump Presidential Library at the National Archives and It’s Hiring

No words for this via Washingtonian – “Now here’s a fun job listing:

This position is part of the National Archives and Records Administration. Incumbent serves as the Deputy Director of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library within the National Archives and Records Administration. Serves as a principal advisor to the Library Director. At the direction of the Director, provides oversight and planning for the Library’s administration and operation, and for archival, artifact, educational, and public programs, including, as necessary, direct supervision of staff.

Even more fun, the National Archives has put the beginnings of a Trump Presidential Library online. You can read all about the one-term president, including his 14 books, ten grandchildren, and two indictments. You can read archived social media posts from administration officials, the White House, and Melania Trump’s Instagram. Trump’s apparent reluctance to hand his presidential records over to the Archives when he left office after he lost the 2020 election could make the establishment of his library a particularly rich vein for future researchers. Whether or not the library will ever exist in physical form is beyond the Archives’ control: As Anthony Clark wrote in Politico in 2021, Trump would have to raise money for the library, likely through a foundation (a type of organization that has caused a bit of trouble for him in the past), then hand over most of that money to the government. The Archives says it will operate the library “through both traditional and digital access, per the Presidential Records Act.”

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