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These Interactive Tools Reveal Your Home’s Future Flood, Heat, and Wind Risk

Lifehacker: “Floods are the most expensive natural disaster in the United States, costing over $1 trillion since 1980 (when you take inflation into account), according to Flood Defenders. And while many people use FEMA flood maps to check whether their home has a high flood risk, they are outdated by a decade, according to Scientific American, and they don’t take sea-level rise into account. That’s arguably the biggest flood risk most coastal areas in the United States will face in the coming years. There are organizations that have stepped in where FEMA faltered, though. The following three organizations use advanced technology and models to estimate the risk most homes have of flooding by taking climate change and sea-level rise into account. They’ve created free and user-friendly tools with the latest data to help you make informed decisions regarding your home’s risk, where to build or invest, how to prepare for future flooding, and how to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. You just have to plug in an address, county, city, or state to see how likely it is to experience flooding and other environmental risks…”

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