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This next-level hack trains Gmail to work the way you think

Fast Company – Your Gmail inbox is far more customizable than you might imagine—if you know the trick to taking control. “If you want to optimize your inbox, you have to accept a tough but unavoidable reality. In the land of email, there is no holy grail—no single, magical step that’ll deliver you to a state of email utopia. Instead, achieving a manageable, organized inbox is a multilayered process, one in which numerous hacks, tricks, and tools come together to create a setup that works for you. And at the center of that process is your actual inbox and its built-in method of message presentation. With Gmail, that typically means a series of tabs—those clickable categories that appear atop the service’s default inbox view. Gmail automatically identifies which incoming emails belong to which category and then presents them accordingly. Here’s a little secret, though: You don’t have to use those tabs in the way Google designed them. You can hijack them and make them work any way you want…”

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