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This Website Tells Travelers If They’re Flying on a Boeing Plane

Gizmodo: “Some travelers have become nervous about flying on Boeing planes after a string of highly publicized technical issues, including the door plug that simply fell off an Alaska Airlines flight at 16,000 feet back in January. But is there any way to easily check the type of plane you’ll be flying on? The new website, Am I Flying on a Boeing, is an incredibly straightforward way to learn the kind of aircraft you’ll be boarding for any upcoming flights. All you need is your flight number and the date you’re flying.  “Boeing’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Put in your next flight number and check your fate,” the website explains. The site was created by an X user named Shrey Gupta, who told Gizmodo over email on Thursday that he’s the founder of a new travel startup called Anecdote. And even while the site is pulling data from a global distribution system (GDS), he warns there aren’t any guarantees of its accuracy. “Various sites that you may use for booking your flights (e.g. Google Flights) will also mention the aircraft name and also use GDS data, but they usually tuck that info behind a dropdown or put it in gray text. I figured I could just help make that info a little more visible,” Gupta said…”

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