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Thomson Reuters Adds UK Supreme Court Dockets to Westlaw

“Thomson Reuters is providing legal professionals with more comprehensive coverage of UK courts and access to real-time updates, expert editorial case analysis, and content sets unique to Westlaw UK. With the addition of UK Supreme Court Dockets on Westlaw available March 22, legal researchers will have easier access to High Court and Supreme Court proceedings, integrated with Westlaw capabilities that improve their workflow and enable them to operate more efficiently. A docket – a record of litigation events as a case goes through the courts – starts when a claim is filed and records each procedural step until judgment. Dockets show what cases are happening, their status, who the parties and representatives are, and next steps. The UK Supreme Court’s docket system contains information about cases – both decided and current – that have been filed at the court since 2009, when the Supreme Court replaced the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords as the highest UK court. Thomson Reuters added the UK Supreme Court Dockets to Westlaw UK in response to customers’ requests…”

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