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Three-Dimensional Visualization of Legal Acts: Concept and Prototype

Täks, E., Kruuk, H., Draheim, D. (2023). Three-Dimensional Visualization of Legal Acts: Concept and Prototype. In: Dang, T.K., Küng, J., Chung, T.M. (eds) Future Data and Security Engineering. Big Data, Security and Privacy, Smart City and Industry 4.0 Applications. FDSE 2023. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1925. Springer, Singapore.

“Legal documents, including laws, regulations, norms, and general legal texts, exert a significant influence on many aspects of our daily lives. They establish the parameters for business operations, interpersonal interactions, and serve as the cornerstone for the functionality of the state. Modern society is constantly evolving, increasing the need for various relationships to be legally regulated. As behavioral rules change throughout society’s development, so does the content of legal acts. Over time, legal documents become more and more extensive, complicated, harder to maintain and harder to review. Comprehending legal texts is often a huge challenge. Here, our working hypothesis is that visualization can significantly increase the processing of information by humans. With our research, we aim at utilizing data visualization to simplify the understanding of legal acts, both in regard of their content and changes made to them. In this paper, we elaborate a concept for the visualization of the Estonian State Gazette, which encompasses the complete corpus of Estonian legal acts together with their entire version history. As an evaluation of the concept, we provide a prototypical implementation of the suggested concept. We provide an exhaustive discussion of the motivation, concept, implementation and implications of our approach.”

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