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Three Reasons Why Big Data Doesn’t Make You Smarter

Three Reasons Why Big Data Doesn’t Make You Smarter — Lessons From the World of Intelligence. Milo Jones and Philippe Silberzahn, Forbes, July 2, 2013.

“Increasing interest in big data – the ability to gather massive amounts of information about both environment and operations – rests on an equally big assumption: that having more data gives organizations better understanding of their environment, and consequently improves their ability to avoid nasty surprises. In short, the apostles of big data preach that it will make organizations smarter. In fact, the opposite is true: big data dulls an organization’s strategic senses for three reasons…  1–Much quantifiable data is not strategically useful; 2-A lot of the information which is strategically useful is not quantifiable; 3-Data, big or small, is only as useful as the questions you ask it.”

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