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Top 4 legal technology news stories of 2022

ABA Journal, Nicole Black: “After one of the most challenging periods in recent history, 2022 was a year of reemergence. We once again entered public spaces, cautiously embracing a semblance of normalcy. At the same time, the painful memories of the incredibly challenging and tumultuous years of the pandemic were ever-present in our minds. Law firms reopened, with some employees returning to the office. Despite a slow start, in-person conferences eventually resumed in full force. Business travel was once again part of our professional lives, and we relished the opportunity to once again connect in person and enjoy the company of our colleagues and friends. Of course, not everyone was excited about the sudden shift from remote work back to the office. Many employees resisted the return to in-office work, while some law firm and legal technology leaders insisted that face-to-face interactions were the best way to get work done. As we head into 2023, it’s difficult to predict how dominant market forces will affect the legal industry and the software companies that serve it. The first quarter of the year will be telling. In the meantime, looking back on the top legal technology news stories is a great way to identify key trends that hint at what’s to come for lawyers and their clients in 2023 and beyond…”

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