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Top Challenges Facing Federal Agencies: COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Response Efforts

Top Challenges Facing Federal Agencies: COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Response Efforts As reported by Offices of Inspector General across government – June 17, 2020. “…Each year, OIGs identify and report on the top management and performance challenges facing their agencies. CIGIE also issues an annual report that includes a list of the top challenges faced by agencies. While not required by the CARES Act, the PRAC developed this report on the top challenges identified by Inspectors General for the federal agencies involved in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of CIGIE’s efforts to make the work of the federal Inspector General community more transparent and accessible to the public. Based on the PRAC’s review of submissions by 37 OIGs overseeing agencies involved in the pandemic response, Inspectors General reported a wide range of challenges, including many related to specific agency programs. However, the submissions also reflected areas of common concern among agencies of different sizes and with disparate agency missions: Financial management of CARES Act and other funds, Grant management, Information technology security and management, and Protecting health and safety while maintaining effective operations. As discussed in the Introduction, OIGs frequently cited the large amount of funds appropriated under the CARES Act and related legislation, the need to distribute aid rapidly under emergency conditions, and the need to maintain agency operations as factors that impact these challenges. By identifying these top challenges across the federal government, the PRAC hopes to assist agency managers and policymakers in determining how best to address them…”

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