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Total Information Awareness Director to Resign and Passenger Screening Progam Scaled Back

Today’s WSJ and Washington Post report that TIA Director John Poindexter will resign in the wake of the debacle over the proposed “FutureMAP research project…to explore the power of futures markets to predict and thereby prevent terrorist attacks.”

  • See my posting on the background of, and Congressional response to, the FutureMAP research project here.
  • In related news, the Homeland Security Department’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a press release on an Interim Final Notice published in tomorrow’s Federal Register, stating that the agency will not pursue plans to store personal data on airline passengers for up to 50 years via the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS II).
  • See my previous posting on the CAPPS II program here and on the Aviation Security-Screening Records database here.
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