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Tracking COVID-19 in the United States

Prevent Epidemics – From Information Catastrophe to Empowered Communities: “The use of accurate, real-time data to inform decision-making is essential for infectious disease control. Unlike many other countries, the United States does not have standard, national data on COVID-19. The US also lacks standards for state-, county- and city- level public reporting of this life-and-death information. We  identified 15 essential indicators, and evaluated COVID-19 data dashboards for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

Read the complete report: Tracking COVID-19 in the United States: From Information Catastrophe to Empowered Communities

See also The New York TimesThe C.D.C. says the number of people infected ‘far exceeds the number of reported cases’ in parts of the U.S.: “The number of people infected with the coronavirus in different parts of the United States was anywhere from two to 13 times higher than the reported rates for those regions, according to data released Tuesday [July 21, 2020] by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The findings suggest that large numbers of people who did not have symptoms or did not seek medical care may have kept the virus circulating in their communities. The study is the largest of its kind to date, although some early data was released last month. “These data continue to show that the number of people who have been infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 far exceeds the number of reported cases,” Dr. Fiona Havers, the C.D.C. researcher who led the study, said in an email. “Many of these people likely had no symptoms or mild illness and may have had no idea that they were infected.”..

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