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Treasury IG Audit of Criminal Investigation Activities From FY 2000-2005

Statistical Portrayal of the Criminal Investigation Function’s Enforcement Activities From Fiscal Year 2000 Through Fiscal Year 2005
Report Date: 05/12/2006, (48 pages, PDF)

  • “The CI function performance measures and business results showed improvements from Fiscal Year (FY) 2003. Specifically, the total number of subject investigations completed and prosecution referrals increased; the number of indictments, convictions, and sentences increased; and the number of investigations in the Department of Justice pipeline increased. Several indicators continued to show improvements from FY 2004. While the number of subject investigations completed decreased slightly, FY 2005 showed gains in the total numbers of subject investigations initiated, Department of Justice pipeline investigations, convictions, and sentences and in the percentage of direct investigative time.”
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