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Trump’s Lawyers Argue Congress Has Little Power To Investigate A Sitting President’s Personal Affairs

BuzzFeedNews – “As President Donald Trump fights investigations by the Democrat-controlled House on multiple fronts, a court hearing Tuesday highlighted his strategy to fend off inquiries into his personal business affairs. Trump so far is challenging congressional subpoenas for financial records — both personal and from the Trump Organization — in federal courts in Washington, DC, and Manhattan. On Tuesday, a judge in the DC case heard arguments on Trump’s effort to block a House Oversight Committee subpoena to accounting firm Mazars, which has long worked with Trump and his companies.

Trump’s strategy has three parts: First, resist efforts to speed up the litigation. Second, raise sweeping arguments about the limits of Congress’s ability to investigate him that test the bounds of previous US Supreme Court and appeals court decisions. Finally, be prepared to lose and appeal. Tuesday’s hearing was the first of what will likely be numerous court proceedings over Democrats’s subpoenas probing not only Trump’s business affairs but also the goings on of his administration. The federal judge in New York handling Trump’s lawsuit challenging a subpoena to Deutsche Bank and Capital One is scheduled to hear arguments May 22….”

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