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Try This 60-Second Hack to Make Your Face Mask Fit Better

Self  – Folks with small faces, this tip is for you. By Sarah Madaus: “…Face masks are one of the few saving graces as we try to get control of this virus. As a refresher, the coronavirus mostly spreads through respiratory droplets that come out when we talk, sneeze, sing, and do pretty much anything else with our noses and mouths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So wearing a mask is actually one of the best things you can do to control the spread of the virus. And to make sure your mask is as effective as possible, it’s crucial that your face mask actually fits your face properly, SELF explained previously. Unfortunately, many people find that their face masks—especially those surgical-style ones—leave too much room around the sides of their faces. That’s why Olivia Cuid, M.D., a dentist from Montreal, took to social media site TikTok to show the world a surgical face mask hack for a better fit. (She demonstrated on a surgical mask, but this hack will also work on cloth masks with ear loops.)

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