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Twitter 101 for Lawyers

Law Technology Today: “The recent 2019 “ABA Profile of the Legal Profession” report says that only 25% of lawyers personally use or maintain a presence on Twitter for professional purposes. That same report also states that only 14% of law firms use Twitter (down from a high of 21% in 2016). My business clients—who in my opinion, are the greatest sales professionals on the planet—like to use a word known as “whitespace” to describe new potential opportunities with customers. I believe that Twitter is “whitespace” for lawyers. Embracing Twitter provides lawyers with a highly powerful—and free—opportunity to learn, build your organization’s brand, build your personal brand and develop relationships. In this article, we explore some strategies for you to do so…The beauty of Twitter is that you need to be “short and sweet” in your Tweets as you are limited to 280 characters. Using Twitter has taught me to become a more effective and efficient digital communicator with my business clients. You can also enhance your Tweets—and increase the likelihood they will be viewed—by adding some visual content in the form of emojis, pictures, videos, GIFs, etc….”

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