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Twitter announces new policy to withhold tweets in specific countries

Via CDT: “Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it will begin making certain Tweets inaccessible to users in countries where the content of those Tweets is illegal. In announcing its new policy, Twitter was acknowledging the challenge that all global social media sites face: governments ask tech companies to comply with local content laws and if these companies refuse to comply, they risk being blocked from the country entirely, further limiting information that citizens can access. If the company has employees on the ground, refusal also risks legal charges against employees. This, of course, raises a well-worn question: are human rights better served when a platform restricts some content in order to remain in a country, or when it resigns itself to a nationwide block of its service?”

  • Via EFF: What Does Twitter’s Country-by-Country Takedown System Mean for Freedom of Expression?
  • Via Chilling Effects, database of Cease and Desist Orders sent to Twitter
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