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Twitter now shows how many people view your tweets

TechCrunch: “Twitter is rolling out a feature that shows how many people view your tweets, similar to features on platforms like YouTube that show how many times a video has been viewed. “Twitter is rolling out View Count, so you can see how many times a tweet has been seen! This is normal for video,” Elon Musk wrote in a tweet. “Shows how much more alive Twitter is than it may seem, as over 90% of Twitter users read, but don’t tweet, reply or like, as those are public actions.” Per his own words, Musk seems enthusiastic about this feature showing users just how many people they will reach on Twitter; the comparison to online video feels like a call out to content creators like YouTuber MrBeast, whom Musk says is “not out of the question” in the search to find Twitter’s next CEO. But for some users, this feature might have the opposite effect and reveal that fewer people see their tweets than they believed…”

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